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590 blu ray screencaps of Jamie Chung in Dragonball: Evolution have been added to our photo gallery. For more information on the film, visit the Official IMDb Page! Click on a thumbnail to redirect to our photo gallery.

This exhilarating martial-arts fantasy film stars Justin Chatwin as Goku, an 18-year-old who must save the world by securing seven mysterious Dragonballs. With the help of his friends and years of martial-arts training, he sets off on his heroic journey.

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85 blu ray screencaptures of Jamie Chung in The Hangover III have been added to our photo gallery. Check them out below! For more information on the film visit the Official IMDb Page.

This time, there’s no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off.

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Jamie Chung appeared in 3 episodes of Greek back in Season 1. I’ve finally added screencaps of her to our photo gallery. Check them out below!

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25 HD screencaps of Jamie Chung in Believe‘s latest episode: 1×04 – Defection have been added to our photo gallery. Check it out below!

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I finally had a chance to fill our gallery with missing screencaps of Jamie Chung as Mulan in Once Upon A Time. Check out the latest updated albums below!

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Posted by Ray on March 30th, 2014 with No Comments - Refinery29 caught up with Jamie Chung in her most recent interview, which you can read below! A few beautiful high quality photos of her shoot photographed by Jens Ingvarsson have been added to our photo gallery. If you’re curious about what she’s wearing in these images, you can check it out by visiting Refernery29′s website, here.

10.jpg 15.jpg 1.jpg 7.jpg
If you could have a superpower, what would it be? “It would be teleportation, only because I hate airports. [Bryan and I are] living bicoastally right now, but if I wanted to visit him, I could snap my fingers and I’d be there.”

Tell us about the new series. What was your audition process like? “There was word on the street that Alfonso Cuarón — one of my favorite directors — and J.J. Abrams were coming together to make this super team to make this awesome pilot called Believe. Once I finally did get my hands on the script, because they’re quite secretive about those kinds of things, it was one of my favorites of pilot season and I just had to do it. I originally auditioned for Moore, and she’s the hit woman who’s assigned to capture Bo and kill all of the caretakers. I think Mark Friedman, the creator, thought I was too sweet for the role, so he was like, ‘Take these lines, go outside, take as much time as you need, and read for Channing.’ And, I was like, ‘Oh, I hate cold reads,’ because you’re on the spot memorizing a totally different character and different lines. So, I went out and 20 minutes later I came back in and booked it. Well, there were tests after that, but it’s cooler to say that I got it after a cold read.”

That’s a real curve ball. How do you change directions so quickly, going from auditioning for Moore and then switching things up and auditioning for Channing? What do you do to really get in the headspace of a character? “At the time — I did read the script — I kind of had an idea of who Channing was, but in terms of breaking things down. What do you think happened in the scene before? What do you think is going happen in the scene after the one you’re auditioning for? There are a lot of things you do for the process. In terms of the character, it was quite easy to transition because one was, you know, the [assassin], and then afterward, I auditioned for the [caretaker]. It’s kind of easier to relate to [a caretaker] than someone trying to assassinate, for sure.”

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PeopleStyleWatch.gom — Jamie Chung is always giving us some serious style inspiration, and the actress takes her “fashionista” title pretty seriously. Now the Celeb Style Council member and bride-to-be is showcasing her passion for all things fashion and beauty as the newest member of Mark’s “10 to Watch” campaign. In a sneak peek at her new collaboration with the brand (watch it below).

Chung proves her love for color wearing a flirty bright dress on Mark’s latest magalong cover. “It’s a really fun outfit to go from day to night, just throw on a black leather jacket to make it a little edgier.”

And she isn’t afraid to go big in the beauty department either, matching her bold dress with a bright blue eye and some fun liquid liner — courtesy of celeb makeup artist Jamie Greenberg.

[I love] bright textured floral skirts, but it really is all about the color. I’m not afraid to wear that pop of color, like cobalt blue. It’s really great.

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Be sure to catch Jamie Chung in an all new episode of Believe on Sunday, March 30th! You can check out the sneak peek video below.

As the dragnet closes, Tate puts his freedom at risk to help Bo find the writer of a long-lost love letter. Meanwhile, Winter makes preparations for an escape from Manhattan as Skouras and Agent Ferrell ramp up the effort to bring Tate and Bo into custody.

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29 screencaps of Jamie Chung in Believe’s 1×03: Origins have been added to our photo gallery. Check them out below!

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Trapped in Manhattan, Bo and Tate encounter a wealthy woman mourning the decades-old loss of her son.

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60 HD screencaps of Jamie Chung in 1×02 of Believe have been added to our photo gallery. Check it out below!

037.jpg 0143.jpg 0683.jpg 0705.jpg
On the run and in desperate need of money, Tate takes Bo to Atlantic City, where she instantly bonds with a struggling mother and her sick child. The involvement of the FBI complicates Skouras’ efforts to covertly recover Bo, while Winter and Channing work to stay one step ahead.

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