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Check out all the photos of Jamie at the #aerieREAL Anniversary Celebration

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Check out photos in our gallery

Posted by Odeya on setembro 17th, 2014 with No Comments – “Sin City: A Dame to Kill for” actress Jamie Chung isn’t worried that her “Rudderless” co-star Selena Gomez appears to be on the mend with superbrat Justin Bieber. “She has a good head on her shoulders. She comes from a really good family,” says the 31-year-old actress, who worked with Gomez when the former Disney star was 15. “In terms of her personal decisions, you can’t tell someone what to do. They’re going to discover that on their own. I have faith that she’ll be just fine. I know who she is and she’s a really great girl.”

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With Bo, Winter and Channing in pursuit, Tate travels home to seek out the childhood friends who framed him for murder. Meanwhile at the Orchestra campus, Skouras focuses his attention on the potential of a young telepath.

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Bo and Tate resurface in Philadelphia where Bo is drawn toward a young woman and her husband, a blogger whose unrelenting pursuit of a mysterious story is threatening to tear the couple apart. Meanwhile, Skouras takes forceful action to track down a traitor within Orchestra.

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Jamie Chung was a busy bee this week! She attended about 10-15 events/shows during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Spring Summer 2015 all in a matter of 6 days. She looked incredibly beautiful in each wardrobe! I’ve added nearly 400+ high quality photos to our gallery! Be sure to check back for more updates over the next few days, I have so many more to add to our gallery! To make it easier for you guys, you can either visit the 2014 Public Appearances album or 2014 Candids album for all the latest updates.

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Jamie Chung was seen Out and About in Los Angeles on August 29th. 16 photos have been added to our site.

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Jamie Chung attended a Budweiser event – Made in America Music Festival in Philadelphia on August 30th. She was seen with her lovely fiance Bryan Greenberg. 40 images have been added to our photo gallery.

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Posted by Odeya on agosto 27th, 2014 with No Comments The actress plays an assassin in ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For,’ — turns out she’s dressed to kill offscreen, too.

If you’re planning to catch Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, which opens in theaters on Friday, you’ll be able to witness Jamie Chung kick ass as female assassin Miho, alongside co-stars Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Not only does she put up a good fight on screen, the 31-year-old actress also throws it down with her everyday ensembles.

Even when she’s not being dressed by stylists Sammy and Judy — aka The Kids — on the red carpet, Chung still manages to appear polished and camera-ready with her daily outfits. Here, we chat with the street style star about her upcoming jewelry collaboration, recent engagement to actor Bryan Greenberg and her go-to shopping sites for finding stylish pieces.

5.jpg 2.jpg 4.jpg 6.jpg 1.jpg

We’re loving these rings you’re wearing right now — tell us more. These rings: I made this ring (pointing to her pinky finger) — it’s on a .06 band so it’s as dainty as they come without breaking — with the sapphire rose gold. These are actually a part of a new jewelry line that I’m collaborating on. I helped curate the first collection but we’re starting to design our own pieces so they’ll be available soon — it’s for Sachi Jewelry. It’s fine jewelry, but affordable. I feel like jewelry is marked up so high. Of course, they’re great designers, but our whole thing is, we think that all women should own beautiful jewelry, especially everyday pieces that you don’t really take off. These are going to be under $300. Our prices are on par with something that I would feel comfortable with paying. Sachi — in Korean, it means luxury, and in Japanese, it means happiness.

How did you get involved with this collaboration? Michelle, this woman that I go to designs her own jewelry. I was like, “You need to sell this stuff online” because I wore this diamond pavé triangle necklace and everyone keeps asking me where I got it, and she doesn’t really have a store online. So we decided to start one together. We’re designing our own little pieces that should be out in eight weeks. We’re just going through the first process of production so they’ll be available for the holidays.

And of course, your engagement ring is gorgeous. What was your initial reaction when you saw it? I didn’t even look at the ring for the first five minutes. I was kind of shocked as to what was going on. He got down on the knee. I couldn’t even look at it because I was crying. And you know how your inner monologue occurs, like, “Oh my God, this is it. This is crazy. One man for the rest of your life. Don’t be ridiculous. Of course he’s the one.” You kind of go through these thoughts. I cried for two minutes, and then he asked, “Do you have an answer?” I was, like, “Yes!” with ugly crying. After he calmed me down, and then walked away to get the champagne, I finally looked at the ring. I was blown away.

You seem to love your accessories. What are you into at the moment? Right now, it’s super gold pieces — whether it’s rings or necklaces, ear jackets, ear cuffs. Sunglasses on the regular — I have quite the collection. I have well over 50. I’m an accessories kind of girl, so I’m all about purses, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry.

What are your most prized pieces at the moment? I have two things: one is my Balenciaga cut-out boots. I had to literally hunt that baby down. I went to Hong Kong, searching everywhere, and finally got my hands on one. And my other thing is a vintage Chanel bag. It’s from the ’80s and it’s got the chain, leather strap, cute little tassle, Chanel logo, quilted. It’s my favorite. I found it online.

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